Wednesday, June 27, 2012


For fuck sake people if you don't like the rain move. I am sooooooo tired of hearing people bitch about Washington rain. You love the green grass, tall trees and lakes & rivers to play in. So shut the fuck up. Those all REQUIRE RAIN!!!

I just have really had it with the whole bitch about rain thing. I have lived in Washington my whole life minus a few years away for school. Shit even when I lived in Philly people didn't bitch as much as people in Washington.  When they get rain there it's torrential and it floods the streets. Granted people thought I was crazy for walking to school in t-shirt and shorts in monsoon weather. Soggy shorts are better than soggy jeans.

Same goes for lack of summer. If you don't like rain or mild climate LEAVE!! Or even worse people that bitch when it's nice out about how it's gonna rain soon. Fucking enjoy the sun you dipshits. You want it so much. Please for the love of Washington get the fuck out of my state. Your constant whining about the lack of sun and too much rain is ruining my bliss. Either accept what you have or change it. It's like waking up every morning and being surprised there's a nose on your face. Accept that shit. I cannot find the proper words for how done I am with you people. STFU!!



Anita said...

It's amazing we get anything done in this state or GO OUT and do stuff...if we let the rain hinder it all we'd never get anything done or do anything! I'm with don't get me wrong...I like to dry out now and again but that could just mean it's overcast...and no rain... :)

some girl said...

Agreed. I do like that we have had some days to dry out. And I am happy to see the sun. But I don't mind the rain.

Confused Truffle said...

This is hilarious. Not to dismiss how you feel, because it's definitely shared by many Washingtonians.
We either love or hate the weather patterns here. A nice reminder for when January hits ;)

some girl said...

I always thought I was an earth mama but turns out all my love of the outdoors is surrounding water. I take long walks in near typhoon weather. I relax and float in rivers and lakes like they are big blankets and what I thought was a love of dirt might be a love of mud. Go figure! Perhaps my earth Virgo sign has splashed of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.