Saturday, May 31, 2008


Beans are doing super awesome. I just wish I had more direct sun on my patio area so they could really bloom. Perhaps I will have to get a heat lamp for them. See if I can glow some tomatoes. That would be sweet. I still miss my old apartment in that aspect. The afternoon sun that warmed my face as I napped on the couch is dearly missed but this place is bigger and better in some ways. We can't be happy all the time but for now... I am feeling more motivated to do healthy things for myself and to get out of the office and away from my desk on my breaks and lunch. I think it's better for everyone that way. Too much distraction and waaaaaaaaay too easy to just work instead of taking time for myself.

There is a lady at my office that is a great inspiration. She started at what I can only assume was over 300 lbs and has dropped 65 at last count. She is very proud of herself and her improving health is a huge motivation. I realized that though I complained a little bit the sore legs were a great feeling. It meant I used them.

*raises a glass of water*
Here's to health!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Todays happy was me motivating myself into working out. I have discovered the difference between getting out there and getting out there and enjoying it is technology. haha I know sounds strange but I used my GPS unit to track how far and MPH. I also used music on my iPod as motivation for my feet to move faster. I tell you walking to Flogging Molly is dangerous, but fun.

I am acknowledging Matthews mess giggle and adding that I knocked over a few things today but the mess made me happy. It meant I was making progress with what needed to be done. There is always a huge mess before a clean area when it involves me.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paper on the floor

At work today, I was scanning over 50 pages into a multipage scanner.  Normally, there is a tray attached at the bottom to catch the paper from falling on the floor.  Not today.  The tray was missing.  Papers flew everywhere!
What could very well have been a frustrating event (entering my workplace with papers scattered on the floor) became a laughable moment.  

It got me thinking: Name something in your day that you can choose to laugh about instead of let fluster you?  

Enjoy today!

A moment in time

Recently I've been giving attention to what it means to slow down and appreciate a moment.  I've learned all too often that many "life lessons" are the tail end of someone else's experience. That is to say they are a reflection on their past rather than equipping others for living.  If I try to bend, twist and pull their "life lessons" into my current circumstances, I just burn myself out trying to be someone else.

Having learned this lesson, has brought about a great sense of relief, as I have allowed myself to try and live out someone else's experiences.  Instead, I'm more inclined to hear the person out, see if and how their experiences may be helpful to my present circumstances or attitudes.  

That being stated, please read the post by embracing the understanding  that these tips are my experiences along my life journey, and just may provide some equipping to you along yours...

1. Come as you are, not as you think you ought to be.

I found myself in the habit of criticizing what I ought to be instead of looking around and seeing what is happening in the moment.  Grace for the moment goes a long way. 

2. Be open to the next thing coming, but not too anxious for it.

In my faulty attempts to live in the moment, I've tried staying in the moment by controlling it--or--zooming right past it, on to the next thing.  Neither one of these work.  It's important to recognize and to adjust when the time has come to move on, but no need to run toward change before you appreciate the present.

3.  Remove what you know hinders or distracts you.  

Yesterday I googled "how to stop surfing the web".  It's quite a funny thing to search for, considering that you are looking on the web for tips on how not to use the web.  The point is, I know I've recently spent too much time online and there is a time to remove the  distraction.

Enjoy today!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Life is uncertain eat dessert
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I have beens!!!

Today my happy moment was when my hands were in dirt. I miss gardening with my mom. Sadly I stopped doing that when I was in high school but this year I think I shall add that back to my agenda. Hopefully I will get my fill of dirty days and possibly find something to do with my mother that isn't screaming or shopping. Both are tiresome.

Tip of the day: Find something you miss and jump in and get dirty.

Just the good stuff

Life is filled with so much good, bad and ugly. Unfortunately the latter two are what make us realize the first. I hope that someone wanders across this blog and can take from it a little something. We often get busy with our lives and forget to enjoy the little things. If you do come across this and want to share please comment or possibly join the team of the joys of little things.