Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soooo tired

7am bath to get me back to sleep. Lazy? Or needed?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The power of DON'T and CAN'T

It's amazing the power of one word. It can sooth us with someone telling us don't worry, we can do this. And it can completely warp your mind and do the exact opposite of its intent. Example: for the next 5 minutes don't scratch your skin. Do you instantly feel an itch forming somewhere on your body? Just writing this my head and elbow started itching. My recent run ins with don't have been in two areas. I am on a new path towards health and fitness. I have to remind myself that I shouldn't eat naughty foods or too much. I only crave chocolate and donuts when I know I shouldn't be eating them. "Don't even look at that chocolate bar." It seems like every time I try to start a new workout routine my body pulls a "don't". I get one or two workouts in and then I get some sort of plague and then backpain and something pulled.

Back to the grind

I feel like having taken summer courses was a good thing.  Sometimes Fall quarter is the worse because it feels so foreign. I had a month off and it was just enough time to feel like I could have got things done but not so long as to make me wish it ended sooner.  I know silly thought right, wanting break to be over.  I am finally through the icky science course and am finally getting to do some real courses in nutrition. EXCITING!! School is busy and it's a lot of new faces with sprinkles of familiar ones.  I am ready to jump in and be successful. So much so I added another class last minute. One class a day most days is a pain to commute for but the classes seem well worth it. I am only two classes and two days in so the opinion next week could be vastly different.

Here's to hoping I am successful.

PS- hi Anita...I know you're my only reader.