Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to the grind

I feel like having taken summer courses was a good thing.  Sometimes Fall quarter is the worse because it feels so foreign. I had a month off and it was just enough time to feel like I could have got things done but not so long as to make me wish it ended sooner.  I know silly thought right, wanting break to be over.  I am finally through the icky science course and am finally getting to do some real courses in nutrition. EXCITING!! School is busy and it's a lot of new faces with sprinkles of familiar ones.  I am ready to jump in and be successful. So much so I added another class last minute. One class a day most days is a pain to commute for but the classes seem well worth it. I am only two classes and two days in so the opinion next week could be vastly different.

Here's to hoping I am successful.

PS- hi Anita...I know you're my only reader.

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Anita said...

Well even if I'm your only reader I DO enjoy keeping tabs on you like this :) Keep up the good work of going to school! So glad someone knows what they want to be when they grow up! I have NO idea and I find that scary especially since it will be my turn here in a few years...I should have a better idea than I do now right???