Wednesday, October 22, 2008

slacker slacker slacker

I really need to keep on this thing right? Cause of all the readers... wait... there's just me. ANYWAY!!

I have recently has some sort of mind shifting, mind blowing, heart warming Karina mental moments lately.

I no longer care about a lot of things. The negative was left somewhere in my past where it should stay. Which is not to say I don't bad days, REALLLLLLLY bad days. After all we don't know the good without the bad right. I am saying that I know that everything in life must be a lesson or what is the point. Don't hold the bitter in or it will rot the savory and sweet moments in your life. I can only live each day for what it is and I can only love me and those around me for what and who they are.

I am a new me and that's all I can be. I am Karina. I am a strong beautiful smart woman who is learning what she wants and how to get it. Love me for me and who I am right now not who I can or will be.... I know I am.