Monday, May 27, 2013

What is your guiding light?

All we can do in this life is keep moving forward. A limitation of movement in the physical world can be a mere manifestation of a stagnation in spirit or emotional well being. This includes illness. Soul worry is unprocessed events, emotions and thoughts. We are in a world of sick people avoiding things in their life that ends up causing so much more pain than just dealing with it. I have come to understand that what we hold on to is what makes the illness in the body and mind, not what we let go of.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There alsmost always comes a time when you call bullshit on yourself. A point in which you have to say enough is enough and though I may be a little behind at least I am hitting that point. I have made a list of things that without a doubt I need to work on and it is as follows....

Things that NEED to change!
  • defeatist attitude
  • being overly reactive
  • being overly emotional
  • making excuses
  • trying to please everyone at my own cost
  • caring too much about what others think
  • not giving it my best ALWAYS!
  • negative self talk
  • negative self image
  • giving up easily
  • not pushing myself (until it hurts)
  • imaginary crutches
  • imaginary walls to goals
  • not reaching goals
    • due to excuses
    • due to laziness
    • due to being all Karinery
I know I have flaws and accept them and myself for what I am. However, I am no longer using any of that as excuses to not succeed. Just because something doesn't go right the first time doesn't mean that is the end of the journey. Get up, get moving, make changes. Not in a minute, not when it is convenient, NOW!!