Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok, so I understand that sometimes rules don't apply in say an emergency situation but...

Why do cops get to ignore the laws they are to be upholding? Again as I said, in certain situations there are exceptions.  Traffic is not an exception. If you are a cop, by yourself, no passangers... GET OUT OF THE CARPOOL LANE. I have to sit in traffic so should they. Lights not going so clearly not on their way to an incident.

Today it was even better. In the carpool lane, speeding while tailgating the pool dude following the rules in from of him.

I wonder if I do the same shit and get a ticket if but I saw a cop doing it would stand up in court? I wish there was a way to get them on that shit. Where do I complain to?


Anita said...

Just the other day I was complaining to Frank about this...they bitch and moan about civilians using phones while driving and yet I constantly see police officers using their cell phones while driving! Better yet I'm trying to figure out how they are able to use their computer AND drive at the same time!?! How is that worse or better than a cell phone??

some girl said...

Ugh yes, I have seen them on the computers while driving too. I guess I haven't seen them crash...yet. But I mean how are we supposed to respect someone that can't be bothered to follow the rules they enforce???