Friday, July 11, 2008

Who am I?

And while we're at it who are you?

I am very proud on my outlook of things. I realize that I put importance in and on the wrong things and that made me feel a little lost in who I am. I know that there are things that I am willing to stand up for and protect. I am not the type of person that wants a quick fix because I know that they aren't fixes. In a motifed version fo the old saying... that which does kill us or at least hurt...will make us stronger mentally. I am resiliant like a reed in the water, I am tough like a rock on the shore, I am Karina and I like me for me. Or the me that I am finally starting to see without outside influence. Though influences aren't bad. I just know that in past and even currently that there were things in my life that took over and I have an obsessive personality. I am willing to throw myself into things just for see if they fit. I have now modified that into trying things and taking from it what I can and moving on to the next new and exciting adventure. I have been to two concerts this week with people I have never hung out with. One a random person I men and the other a potential new really great set of friends (co-worker and wife). I am really realizing in my hard times who I can call friend. And I had hidden myself away from expierenceing things and life for far too long. I am getting better at doing things for and by myself. This weekend will be a first for going to an all day music festival solo. Perhaps I will make new friends there as well.

today's happy: A smile that starts on the inside and a hairs cut.

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